How to shoot pizza without an oven!

Scissors & Pie is an iconic pizza brand that crafts traditional roman pizzas. Created from a unique blend of dough, topped with the finest ingredients and hand-cut with scissors into tapas-like square pieces. It's on the journey to become a pizza brand much like Chipotle is to Mexican and Starbucks is to coffee.

Working with the creative director Paul Vinod, we set out to create a unique visual language for  Scissors & Pie. The challenge was to turn the concept of pizza upside down. And inside-out. Literally.

The opportunity came to us in a brainstorming session when the client mentioned that the specially made oven from Italy wouldn't be ready. We took a potential problem and turned it into an opportunity to create something truly special. That's when this iconic set of images came to our minds. We achieved what we wanted to do - to photograph pizza like no other.

Here's what we finally did.