For Dhanraj Emanuel food is essential—it’s universal. It provides the ideal setting to connect and interact, to understand and celebrate each other. These shared experiences are important to us all—something to look forward to, a drink, dinner, that special recipe—they transform the mundane to the celebratory. Dhanraj’s photographs are attempts to elegantly yet unpretentiously make these moments possible.

Influenced by the vibrant streetscapes of India, Dhanraj uses light, color, texture and narrative as the building blocks of his photographs. His travel images explore new places through people, architecture, markets, restaurants, and the shared experience of food.

Working out of his studio in Greensboro, NC, his commercial work focuses on food and travel assignments. He leads the commercial photography concentration at Randolph Community College in Asheboro, NC.


917 443 3060     dhanraj@dhanrajemanuel.com