4 Restaurants for Sage Restaurant Group

On a recent shoot for Denver-based Sage Restaurant Group, I set out to represent 4 different restaurants through my photographs. My primary intent was for the images to be true the integrity of the restaurant—I wanted to convey the feeling of being there, the light, the mood and the ambiance. The biggest challenge was to make images that express the gestalt of the restaurant, while staying true to my style of photography.

Many thanks to Stephanie Ehrler and Peter Karpinski for making photography an integral part of their marketing and brand identity.

Urban Farmer: Cleveland OH

Sourcing ingredients from local farms and ranches, Urban Farmer Cleveland presents a new take on the traditional steakhouse. Plush couches interplay with weathered wood tables to create a stylish setting for the hearty yet elegant fare served here.

Brand Image for Urban Cleveland
Interiors and Seafood dish at Urban Farmer CLE

Departure: Portland OR

Captained by the soft spoken Top Chef contestant Gregory Gourdet, Portland’s Departure restaurant tempts guests with its ambitious mix of Asian and coastal cuisines. Think “Asia meets Pacific Northwest” with street food style appetizers and the freshest sushi around. All this served up on the 15th floor atop the landmark Meiers & Frank Building with fantastic views of the beautiful Portland skyline.

Hello Betty Fish House: Oceanside CA

The Hello Betty Fish House in Oceanside, CA, offers a comfortable, eclectic atmosphere filled with beach side charm. The menu features a variety of fish and seafood tacos, alongside a host of other surf-side favorites. Cool breeze from the Pacific wafts in through large open windows at the bar, making it feel like a rustic fish shack on the beach.

Urban Farmer: Portland OR

At the helm of an operation that is very reflective of the sustainable mindset of Portland is a friendly & approachable Executive Chef Matt Christianson. I thought it was pretty neat that Matt keeps bees atop the building, saves the fat that comes off the beef to make candles for the restaurant and makes soap for fun while creating chocolate in various designs on a 3D printer.

Urban Farmer Portland features a mouthwatering array of locally sourced meats, poultry, seafood and produce. This modern-day steakhouse focuses on local and organic ingredients.